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Webinar – Ultrasuoni Microfocalizzati di Hifu Finesse


Webinar – Ultrasuoni Microfocalizzati di Hifu Finesse

29 Aprile 2020@14:00–16:00
Jenevì Medical Milano
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Jenevì Medical

In data 29 Aprile 2020 alle ore 14.00 il prof. Antonino Araco parlerà live della sua esperienza con gli Ultrasuoni Microfocalizzati di Hifu Finesse.

Il webinar è stato organizzato dalla società Biotec Italia, produttrice e distributrice mondiale del dispositivo medico.



 High intensity microfocused ultrasound (HIFU) is beneficial for non-invasive skin tightening and collagen regeneration. In cosmetic medicine is focused on the improvement of the laxity and ptosis of face and neck and for lower face contour improvement.

Many articles have proved its efficacy and safety; furthermore, his clinical association with other cosmetic medicine procedures.

Different Hifu medical devices have been developed and put on the market and one of their limitation is the patient discomfort. In fact, when the acoustic waves are delivered on the target tissue and the thermal zones have produced, the heat propagates above and below those points. Among the smas, this calour irritates the sensitive nerves by producing the patient’s pain.

Preliminary studies have proved that a new transcutaneous high intensity focused ultrasound medical device (Hifu Finesse® – Biotec Italia) is able to guarantee safety and clinical efficacy on collagen regeneration and face lifting with a greater patient comfort. This device is based on two technological innovations: a center less spot which can guarantee an ultra-micro-focus on the ultrasound wave, by reducing the calour spread above and below the smas; a constant refrigeration system on the transducer by a closed water flow which let the energy being comparable among every single spot delivered (Active Coolong Emission).  Since 2018 I have been usind Hifu Finesse (Biotech Italy) and I have treated over 300 patients. In this webinar I will present the Hifu Finesse medical deviced and show my clinical experience.


Part 1:

  • The aging face and neck – Anatomy;
  • High intensity microfocused ultrasound (HIFU) – Physics;
  • Hifu Finesse – Technical Characteristics.


Part 2:

  • Clinical Indication for HIFU – The Araco’s Ptosis Scale;
  • Patient preparation – Markings;
  • Operative skills – Technical Tips and Tricks;
  • Live demonstration – video.


Part 3:

  • Clinical Cases – Presentation and discussion.


Webinar - Ultrasuoni Microfocalizzati di Hifu Finesse

Webinar – Ultrasuoni Microfocalizzati di Hifu Finesse

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